Tales from the Field

Trust the Process with Krystal Bonillas

Meet Krystal Bonillas - an enterprise sales powerhouse with a knack for building relationships. In this episode, Krystal tells a story about the time she landed her first whale of an account. It was her shot at the big leagues. She was ecstatic! Pumped! Over the moon excited! So much so that her emotional side took over, she ditched her typical sales process, and (spoiler alert) the deal fell through.
Trust the Process with Krystal Bonillas

In sales, as in life, we ALL stumble and fall. It's what we do to pick ourselves up to grow that matters.

Join Amy Volas, co-founder of Thursday Night Sales and one of the Top Sales Voices on LinkedIn, as she speaks to sales practitioners and leaders to uncover the important lessons they learned from past mistakes and how they bounced back! Because we’re all getting better, together.

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